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Article by Stephen Hartke from Urbana, IL, written in 2006.

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The math font of that family was digitized by Vladimir Yefimov at Polyraphmash in 1987 and became PT Math Font 1.

[ Astronomer and physicist at the University of Glasgow.

From 1986 until 2002, he developed the Paratype Parangon family, available in Latin and Cyrillic versions from URW.

He writes: The other Feynman diagram package which exists is Thorsten Ohl's feynmf/feynmp package.

This is used in the ANACOM project in which tilings and patterns are described in a simple mathematical manner.

The music font of that set became PT Nota 1 (Vladimir Yefimov at Polyraphmash, 1987).

Look also for Faux Hebrew (simulated Hebrew), as part of the Faux package that also includes Faux Sanskrit, Faux Runic, Faux Hebrew, Faux Japanese, Faux Arabic, Faux Chinese and Faux Chinese Sans.

[ Designer who created the pixel grid typeface z001-rom (2008), Katerina (2010, almost LED face), Kinryu (2010), Kinryu No.

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Here are the better ones (with some text quoted from Hartke's article): Recent additions to Unicode include a number of math symbols.