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After the changes, users can only use photos taken at the time of a posting, rather than images previously stored on the device.

This was a direct response to the court's concerns about the use of private images without consent.

The article states, "the expression of thought is free, anonymity being forbidden." The judge ruled this makes Secret's promise of anonymity unconstitutional.

The three American companies were given ten days to comply before facing fines of 20,000 reais (,870) a day.

Currently, a user's only means of redress against bulies is to send a letter in English to an American judge via the Brazilian foreign ministry, essentially leaving Brazilian users powerless.

The decision itself is based on chapter 5, article 1 of the Brazilian constitution.

The three American tech giants have the chance to appeal ahead of a final ruling.

After the Brazilian courts hearing, the developers included new features for both the Android and i OS versions of the app aimed at safeguarding user privacy.

An improved screening process was also implemented to prevent certain feelings, keywords and images being published.

The company's team investigates possible violations and users are notified of any potential breach.

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