Right stuff dating web site

If that move was meant to flatter me, it didn’t work.

Somewhere I came across an advertisement for The Right Stuff, which promised “Ivy League of Dating,” though they expanded their scope to include alumni of other culturally classy North American colleges, such as the University of Toronto and Sarah Lawrence.

In the 1990s, a subscriber purchasing a TRS membership received thumbnail biographies, perhaps 100 words, which became invitations to get, at a modest cost, a fuller page or two (and perhaps a photograph) prepared by the female subscriber.

I joined Senior for a month and met some interesting women, one of them I saw again until I didn’t.

At least their offerings weren’t clogged by heterosexual beginners.

I remember noticing that women advertising in the claimed cultural sophistication, usually measured by listing artistic preferences and/or the wish to travel to exotic places (thus implicitly discouraging those unfamiliar with Picasso or Paris).

Though other seekers seized the unprecedented opportunity of discovering potential lovers residing elsewhere in the world, I did not.Once she left New York, around 2003, I began to socialize more—to go to concerts, art openings, lectures, etc.that I might have otherwise not attended, did they not offer the opportunity to meet a desirable woman.Need I add that some Right Stuff women introduced themselves to me, sometimes successfully.Through this route I met in the mid-1990s a woman I loved for several years, whom I should have met before, had the person knowing us both in the 1960s cared to introduce us.(Perhaps some of these people knew they weren’t what they claimed to be.) Also nearly all on Craig’s List were submitted by people more than half my current age.