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Speaking about the project, Manasi Prasad, project director, Indian Music Experience, told the Bombay Mirror, “The sound garden is aimed at being a preparatory experience.

Music and nature are closely intertwined and the sound garden reflects that.

Anushka Sharma has come under highlight for her proximity to cricketer Virat Kohli.

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Ranveer Singh and Anushka Sharma were in a relationship for a brief period of time, after doing Band Baaja Baarat together, and he was considered to be her first boyfriend from the industry.

The actress was allegedly caught smooching Shahid at Imran Khan’s Mere Brother Ki Dulhan success party. Anushka and Suresh Raina were very close, but she denied dating the cricketer.

She had been lucky to get a good role in the beginning itself.

It is known that Nidhhi is dating Harshvardhan Kapoor who is also an actor.

They were apparently in a very serious relationship for more than two years.

A long-distance relationship and Anushka’s stardom, led to them parting ways.And this isn't just something that was taught to us through school and college.But, over time, we, as individuals of this country have learned that.While both failed to accept their love for each other Shahrukh Khan ended up blurting it out during a function.It,s been 4 years, that they are officially in relationship.Lokale nettaviser Stjørdals-Nytt Stjørdalens Blad Adressa Stjørdal Frostingen Selbyggen Malvik Bladet Trønder Avisa Webkamera Kjøpmannsgata Stjørdal Stasjon Torget Andre lokale medier Stjørdalspuls Stjørdalsbilder Radio Adressa TV-adressa Budstikka Radio Kommunalt Stjørdal kommune Kimen Stjørdal Kino Bibliotek Kart Stjørdal vokser Friluftsliv, jakt og fiske SJFF Laksebørsen Elveeierlaget Fjellstyrene Jakt i Stjørdal Lag og foreninger Halsen skolekorps Stjørdal friidrettsklubb Stjørdal historielag SH 25-års jubileumstur Skatval historielag Frosta historielag Stjørdal golfklubb Forra IL Tangmoen idrettslag IL Fram Hegra idrettslag Remyra idrettslag Barnas turlag Stjørdal Stjørdal båtforening Hell Country og Western Club Stjørdal Drilltropp De eldres boligspareklubb Stjørdal Stjørdal cross & enduro klubb Halsen Musikkforening Stjørdal Swingklubb Stjørdal Veteran MC Club Færbøgda i lag Andre lokale linker Turistkontoret Hegra Festning Steinvikholm Slott Olav Engelbrektsson Stjørdalsdagene Lånkerevyen St.