Dating site names leaked

Despite the scandal, it seems that the publicity afforded the online infidelity market a considerable boost.

Earlier this year, ‘elite’ dating platform Beautiful also fell foul of a data breach which leaked profile details of over 1.1 million users, including sexual preference, relationship status and income.

You just can’t go by “Britney__Tears,” “Daddyz Princess29,” or “Bread_Time,” to name a few (lightly modified) usernames it listed.

Now alerted to the issue by the Mac Keeper Security Research Center, C&Z has secured the affected database but continues to deny the mistake.In an email sent to Mac Keeper, C&Z wrote: ‘Thanks for letting us know, the Mongo DB database was only live for a few hours as we were testing migrating data from SQL to Mongo DB, so most of them were just dummy data with randomly generated emails and passwords, and not our live database, we shut down the database about an hour ago, and there’s no data breach, only you guys had detected it…’ Mac Keeper does not believe this statement to be true.The warning is followed by an article from security journalist Brian Krebs announcing the Ashley Madison data breach.July 20, 2015: Avid Life Media issues two statements acknowledging “an attempt by an unauthorized party to gain access to our systems” and announcing a joint investigation conducted by Ashley Madison, law enforcement, and the cybersecurity service provider Cycura.In addition to the sensitive user data, 15 million private messages between users were also leaked and sold by internet dark market traders.

As the news surrounding the Ashley Madison hack rolls on at breakneck pace, keeping up with the latest developments in the story has been challenging.Users might not feel comfortable sharing that information under a real name, especially if they’ve taken other steps to make themselves unsearchable, like using profile pictures that aren’t on other social media profiles.OKCupid says it expects that the site won’t lose that openness.But it’s not requiring legal names — “for instance, if your legal name is Elizabeth but everyone calls you Liz or Ellie, we're not going to allow this.” Still, some users are unsurprisingly upset.A few recall meeting people specifically because they had interesting usernames, and others worry that their unusual first names will expose their identity, making them vulnerable to stalking or harassment.One person says they just entered their old username as their first name.