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We were supposed to care about them for some reason or other, plus it forced us to divulge our own.It was basically like a confessional with less priest or Real World staff, depending on how you look at it.It was kind of like Guess Who, only for squealing boy-crazy little girls eager to call up some totally buff hotties.

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Male readers, you may just have to bear with me on this one.

Actually, maybe you should use this as a welcome opportunity to bask in the notion that board games targeted at your demographic did not limit your life goals to princessery and shopping.

You guys got to be ninjas and surgeons and we got to worry about getting a zit before our dates.

And you wonder why we don't have a woman president yet. This genre were certainly not exclusive to the 80s and 90s, though it is more surprising that we upheld such outmoded norms this late in the game (some pun intended).

Only later did I discover that if I played the tape without plugging in that stupid little pink box, it had the exact same conversations.

Obviously Milton Bradley doesn't think very highly of young girls if they thought we'd play this over and over again without growing suspicious.

The correct answer was "as many as naive young girls will blindly consume", translating to quite a few.

Each one more brainless and boy-crazy than the last, many of us nevertheless adored these games.

Of course, according to Girl Talk, the future we yearned for was focused on marriage, career, children, and so-called "special moments".

I'd like to give them some credit for including career, but if the game saddled you with a deadbeat husband and 12 kids, you were pretty stuck.

We all crossed our fingers to hear the magic words, "You're right!