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He is similar to Ethan, being geeky and book-smart.He and Ethan understand each other better than anyone else, although Benny is more funny and outspoken than Ethan while Ethan is the more serious and sarcastic one.After the Shadow Kin exterminate the whole Rhodian and Quill races, the Doctor rescues the Rhodian prince and his captured-enemy-turned-slave and sends them to live in secret at Coal Hill Academy as student "Charlie Smith" and teacher Miss Quill, keeping their identity's secret from their classmates. It turns out that the Doctor traveling through time again and again has made the walls of space and time stretch thin around Coal Hill, to the point where they are about to burst.

Sometimes, you have to take survival upon yourselves. and time never forgets.", and a part of the Whoniverse.

What will you do when the shadows come, and you can't turn away? Its first two 45 minute episodes (of eight) premiered on BBC Three on October 22nd, 2016.

The story revolves around a group of sixth formers at Coal Hill School, as they deal with typical teenager issues: relationships, school life, monsters from space attempting to destroy all of existence...

Also one of them is an alien(Charlie), as is their teacher, Ms Quill .

Despite that, Benny is a genuine friend to Ethan and is always ready to go on another adventure.

He is similar to Ethan, book-smart with an encyclopedic knowledge of science fiction, comic books and video games.

In June 2017, after the completion of the first series, Patrick Ness announced that he was quitting the show, citing disappointment with how the BBC was handling it.

And in September the same year, after a prolonged period of radio silence, the BBC would quietly announce what many viewers had already suspected, namely that the show would be cancelled after just one series.

As a Spellmaster, Benny can cast spells, and make potions like a wizard.

His skills, however, work mostly incorrectly and miss, as a large number of his attempts don't work the way he intends, for instance he once accidentally turned Ethan into a werewolf (Blue Moon).

Sometimes the more you want a person, the more their sexual past bothers you.