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I don't know, she tucked it in and made it look cool. Does she ever pick out clothes for you when you go shopping together?

I do look at her in admiration, thinking she's quite experimental and she can really put an outfit together in a way that I simply haven't got the imagination for. Some of Lady Gaga's choices I'm never quite sure about, but that doesn't concern me.

I'll tell you who I always think is so well put together—Pharrell.

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Born in Camden, London, his father discouraged him from becoming an actor, but still let him tag along to premieres.

He had humble beginnings, however, and worked as a bartender while he was only landing small roles.

He got out and said, "I'm a photographer, here's my card, and I'd like you to come and meet with me." I had no idea who he was and I said to my girlfriend, "This guy who looks a bit like the playwright Tom Stoppard (ed note: Stoppard is knighted, won an Oscar, four Tonys, and UM HI, WHAT GORGEOUS DUDE KNOWS WHAT PLAYWRIGHTS LOOK LIKE???! INC's classic stuff with kind of a modern twist, and it's the kind of stuff that I like to wear so I feel very comfortable in it.

) just came up to me and invited me down to his office." And she said, "That's Mario Testino." And that was it. What was modeling with Kate Moss for the Burberry campaign like? So, you've modeled for Burberry, Mango, and now you're the face of Macy's INC.

What's one item in your wardrobe you could not live without?

But it got so frayed that she took it off my hands and cut it to pieces. Eh, she knows I'm quite difficult and that I'm quite boring in what I choose to wear compared to her, so bits and pieces, yeah, but not so much. This was not his first fashion show, nor his first front row date.This time, he brought girlfriend Sophie Pera, who he's been dating since May 2013. Lastly, in addition to modeling and acting, Irons is quite the ladies' man.Here's Most recently, Irons could be found sitting front row at the Lanvin Menswear Spring 2017 show at Paris Fashion Week. If you work too hard to promote the way you see yourself through what you wear, it comes across like you made too much of an effort....