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Unlike the modern British male, who spends on average nearly £2,000 a year on grooming products, my dad’s generation did not have time for gels and skin creams and scrubs, just the basics — a bar of soap, bottle of Old Spice, tub of Brylcreem — and that was it.But men of my generation have forgotten this important social obligation.Do you know what the biggest killer of happiness or finding a fulfilling life is for most men? We give up our youthful dreams of being the best we can be and slowly drift into a dowdy old age.

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My girlfriend was impressed by my new do: ‘Well hello, handsome!

’I couldn’t help but wonder what my dad would have thought of all this.

Cosmo wears: Navy teal wool jacket, £109, and navy teal wool trousers, £50, both Kin by John Lewis.

Oatmeal long-sleeve polo shirt in cashmere, silk and wool, £350, Gieves & Hawkes.

And you should go for more muted colours than bright ones.’And what about the rest of me? The end result was startling — he managed to cut away the grey and the years.

A good haircut is the best cosmetic surgery a man can get.Women over 40 have rightly complained of feeling ‘invisible’ to men. Sorry, guys, but it’s time for men to wake up and smell the anti-ageing cream — and start worrying about our wardrobe, too.The days when men no longer needed to make an effort to look as attractive as possible are Over.We baby boomers of the Fifties thought it was cool to be casual, not to care about how we looked and dressed.I’ve seen the consequences of this let-it-all-hang out complacency: plenty of older, lonely and single men sitting on their own at parties.Dark brown antique calf Oxford shoes, £450, Crockett and Jones And my long-sleeve, bright yellow shirt from Next made her want to ‘put on dark glasses — that shirt is too bright!